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Heat Treatment

What is heat treatment?

It means that materials are transformed to something we want after heating and cooling of them. In accordance with heat treatment, even the same material can be transformed in various ways. Heat treatment can be applied to all industrial tools, structures, heading process, moulding process, and shaped materials in order to transform them into other things in accordance with their nature.

Purpose of heat treatment

  • It is aimed at expanding hardness and tensile strength.
  • It helps improving the softening of a structure and making a material suitable for machine processing.
  • It is intended to make a structure fine, minimize direction and segregation, and make a structure maintain a constant status.
  • Removal of influence of cold working through process annealing heat treatment
  • Prevention of transformation, and removal of stress
  • Stabilization of a structure
  • Improvement of corrosion resistance
  • Improvement of magnetism
  • Durability of steel materials

Type of heat treatment


After forging work, furnace cooling process through stress annealing process in manufacturing

A method of cooling slowly as a heat treatment type

  • Making a metal structure fine
  • Improvement of mechanical and physical nature
  • Removal of internal stress


A type of heat treatment to make a fine metal structure resistant to an impact by building a metal structure fine after forging work

A slow-cooling method by an air blower

  • Removal of internal stress
  • Improvement of mechanical nature
  • Creation of hardness


A type of heat treatment to remove the internal stress of normalized or quenched products

Cooling in the air after heating at a certain temperature

  • Removal of internal stress
  • Prevention of fragility
  • Creation of demanded hardness


In the method, materials after being forged, are heated at up to 1000 or less and then are cooled with water and oil. It is the most general heat treatment type and helps improving stiffness

Water quenching (water cooling) : Use of water as a coolant

Oil quenching (oil cooling) : Use of oil as a coolant

  • Becoming martensite of a metal structure martensite
  • Increase in hardness