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Fixation of Insert to Tool (Direct clamping)

With the improvement of surface hardness through surface hardening process (HRC68), guarantee of excellent quality, such as extension of tools lifetime, improvement of clamping force, and removal of galling


Characteristics of screws

  • Mechanical property is excellent and dimensional accuracy is high due to cold forging process.
  • Guaranteed strength grade over 12.9 by using high tension material.
  • Adjusting the screw grade according to the demand, such as 4h and 6g.

Way to check the product specifications

  • S

    Form of use

    • Sscrew on type
    • Cclamp on type
    • Wfor wedge
    • Lfor locator
    • ADadjustable
    • Etcfor special
  • T


    • Ttorx
    • Hhexagonal
    • TPtorx plus
  • 2

    Metric thread

  • 043-


  • 60


  • F

    Additional items

    • Ffine screw
    • Nonenormal screw
    • Mmachining
    • Etcfor special
  • -HS


14.9 grade

14.9 grade screw are higher toughness than 12.9 grade screws and 1,400N/§± of tensile strength.

Comparison of mechanical property

Grade Tensile strength (N/§±) 0.2% Yield strength (N/§±) Proof load (N/§±)
8.8 800 640 580
10.9 1,000 900 830
12.9 1,200 1,080 970
14.9 1,400 1,260 1,120


X-Treatment refers to CMT's exclusive technology, which uses expanded heat treatment on metal or alloy surfaces to create the hardened layer that customers demand.

Characteristics of screws

  • Outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Guaranteed to be adherence-free, fracture-free
  • Able to adjust thickness of hardened layer
  • Able to adjust surface hardness and in-depth hardness
    - Surface hardness : over 68 HRC
    - In-depth hardness : adjustable according to use
  • Guaranteed zero-deformation after heat treatment

Testing Data

  • Sample : Low carbon steel(C:0.04%, Mn:0.17%)
  • Testing method : 2kg load, 72rpm wheel spinning speed, using diamond wheel with average particle size of 20§­